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The best piece of praise I got from a client was “you’re intuitive, talented and wise.” 
It was humbling and heart-swelling. Providing a wider frame of reference that sparks another person’s creativity, which inevitably expands their own contribution, is a juicy thrill ride
that drives everything I do.

When I’m not learning how to build something better, I’m usually learning about something else:
+ hemp textile production in the US
+ post-growth and prosperity-without-growth economics
+ leaning far enough to scrape the footpegs turning
my motorcycle at 5 mph

If you’re dying to know more, I used to be a classical pianist, but while finishing my Master’s
 degree I kept skipping practicing piano to visit the Arms & Armor Room
at the Art Institute of Chicago’s museum.

I also sometimes wish I was a blues-playing veterinarian anthropologist, and I’m often listening to ’70s and ’90s rock.

Email me at s@shahirakamal.com to start a free and groovy chat about a custom outer garment for you and only you.


+ Illustration, abstraction, conception/design, experimental patternmaking, leatherworking, and metalworking courses at
Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion, London
+ BS with Honors, Apparel Design, Art Institute, Portland
+ MA, Classical Piano, Northwestern University, Chicago
+ Teacher’s Diploma, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London

…an immigrant sociologist father and a frustrated artist botanist mother…
…both were fantastic clothes horses,
but would never admit it.

Suzie in deep burgundy winter-weight
Venus, with retro-reflective stripe;
that’s me bringing the heat in
Medusa: summer-weight leather
and kevlar-backed hemp.

Both garments are fully armored.

I especially love the technical demands
of motorcycle apparel, and it’s a blast learning all I can
about their materials and construction.

It’s not just about riding fast and looking hot.
I’m determined riders will feel safe and comfortable
in my clothes as they take on the world.

Short of crash-testing the clothing myself,
I’m exploring the processes to test for
seam strength, abrasion resistance, and puncture resistance with
UK testing facility SATRA, in accordance with the
CE EN 13595 personal protective equipment (PPE) safety standards.